VAE polymers for sound dampening materials

VAE is can play a vital function in acoustic and thermal management for buildings and vehicles. VAE polymes support multifunctional, lightweight components and systems for insulation purposes, ETICS, sound dampening materials, and several automotive applications like interior floors, engine and underbody.

VAE is a unique polymer to bind fibers and create laminates.

  • Available as waterbased dispersion and as thermoplastic powder
  • Low flamability index in relation to Styrene/Acrylics
  • Very low VOC
  • Available as biobased versions based on (waste)Wood/Acetic acid raw material stream.
  • Compatible with many additives (Fillers, Flame retardants)
  • No film formers or adhesion promotors needed
  • Stiff to flexible range, available with Tg from -35°C to +35°C
  • Good adhesion to many products, including textile fibers and cellulosics
  • Terpolymers available with:
    • Acrylics, for low Tg
    • Chlorine, for increased flame retardancy

VAE is known in many applications such as:

  • Low VOC decorative wall paints
  • Low VOC and Low FR carpet
  • Construction applications, like tile adhesives and floor levelling compounds
  • Woven and non woven products, like wet wipes
  • Many adhesive products, like adhesives for food packaging

VAE is worldwide available, there are production sites in Europe, North & South America, Asia and Africa.

VAE is also used in many  functional substrates, composite textiles and many new unique applications.

Sound dampening materials (Carpet, Interior textiles, Automotive)


VAE is solluble in water, for recycling purposes this process might be enhanced with mild solvents, as for example with the CreaSolv® process from Frauenhofer. VAE is also thermoplastic and used as plasticizer for PLA plastics. Being thermoplastic, it can support mechanical recycling without seperation.