VAE for textile and Non-Woven applications

The world of fashion and textiles depends not only on a constant stream of patterns and styles, but equally on features and effects that are perfectly tailored to consumer taste and the function of the garment.

Textile Finishing polymers

Iron-free shirts, water-repellent mackintoshes, iridescent colours and soft wool jumpers are all essential to our quality of life. And who can live without absorbent but soft and fluffy towels, or long-lasting colourfastness? Improved properties such as flame resistance, dimensional stability, abrasion resistance and wash resistance/permanence play an important role for users.

VAE provides a range of products that allow you to customise a particular property to meet demanding customer requirements. With our knowledge of global markets, refinements in all types of fabrics and weaving techniques to integrated system solutions – with VAE you have a strong technolgy on your side.

Textile pigment binder

Whether you choose polyester, denim, cotton, as a pure or mixed fabric . VAE dispersions give textiles washability and a pleasant hand feel. For textile printing, we offer perfectly matched silicone emulsions that give pigment prints the desired colour intensity, definition and colour fastness. In textile printing, silicones noticeably soften the hard fibre structure resulting from the binder used.

Flame retardant finish

When it comes to safety, VAE dispersions are crucial. VAE-VC dispersions can impart flame-retardant properties to textiles due to their basic chemical structure. Depending on the application and requirements, you can combine them with a wide range of other additives to produce flame-retardant coatings that meet even the strictest legal requirements.