VAE for more sustainable flooring and artificial grass

VAE dispersions can be optimized for carpet and textile floorcovering applications which can be selected according to the processes and applications.

VAE Dispersions offer multiple functionalities for the finishing of carpet and are used for precoat, secondary backing adhesive, needlefelt impregnation, back coating for woven carpets and anti-slip or sound damping treatment.

VAE Dispersions are used for improving and strengthen tuft lock, durability, dimension stability, resistance of carpets, sound damping, anti-slip and elasticity.

VAE Dispersions can be applied to varies types of processing – by lick-roller, by foam-table, by spray, by foulard or by full bath, grades can be compounded with specific properties to meet the settings of machinery and applications requirements.

DPP VAE polymer can be applied by varies types of processing such as extrusion through melting or by dissolving and can be offered as well formulated with filler and at the desired viscosity.

VAE Dispersions are compatible with various type of fillers, flame retardants, surfactants, anti-static agents, etc. to formulate customer specific compounds.

Many VAE dispersions fulfill the GUT criteria for environmentally friendly polymer. By using VAE dispersion polymer many products can be produced in a more sustainable way, e.g by means of biobased raw materials, recycling and CO2 footprint.