VAE for coatings

VAE for coatings enable excellent unique properties to interior and exterior paints.

  • Low odor
  • Low VOC
  • Low Tg
  • Optimum barrier properties
  • Good color retention
  • A unique rheology profile
  • Lower pigment concentration
  • Good water permeability, water vapour transmissions rate
  • High flexibility on the long term, very stable polymer
  • A good adhesion to mineral substrates
  • Enables good recycleability of mineral building materials, as VAE is used as a binder in concrete applications, it’s water solluble and thermoplastic
  • Technically it’s possible to produce VAE on Bio-ethylene and BIO-VAM. The only challenge is the higher cost of the biosources. Production of VAE can be hybrid and run continuously whether the production is fed with fossil-based or bio based- ethylene and VAM.