Reinforce recycled materials with VAE, from plastics & textiles to concrete

VAE is practically very compatible with various waterbased and thermoplasti systems. VAE can even support the recycling of materials and upgrade the properties of recycled materials, withouth harming it’s recycleability of the end product:

  • VAE is thermoplastic, and compatible with many other thermoplastics like PE or PP, but also with bio plastics like PLA, PBAT, PHB etc.
  • VAE is water solluble and acts also as compatabilizer
  • VAE is available as a powder (DPP) or waterbased dispersion
  • VAE bonds very well to organic materials
  • VAE is low-flammable
  • VAE has very low VOC
  • VAE is used to strenghten and/or flexibilize concrete/construction applications
  • VAE is used as a binder for many organic materials
  • VAE is compatible with many other polymers.