polymers for adhesives

VAE is a very populair polymer for adhesives. For waterbased adhesives it is the first choice, VAE is serving many paper & packaging applications.

VAE is the successor of PVAC, where PVAC is known as a typical basic, wood adhesive, that can be plasticized in compounds, VAE is internally plasticized with VAE. Therfor, VAE is able to meet many food packaging regulations and can offer solutions to challenging new packaging materials.

The adhesives market

TheAdhesives market continues to develop and improve adhesives based on synthetic and natural polymers to provide an economic and technical advantage to manufacturers in the paper and cardboard,
construction, and textile industries.

Sustainability highlights

  • Bio-based, renewable and recycled raw materials eg bio-VAM and Bio-ethylene
  • Classifications as bio-based, biodegradableand/or compostable.