Low profile additive (LPA)

PVAC resins can be used as a low profile additive (LPA). These resins can be added to coatings to prevent shrinkage and improve the surface quality of the coating. Polyvinyl acetate is a commonly used LPA that possesses exceptional solubility during the curing phase of unsaturated polyesters, great shrinkage resistance in end products, and is readily available.

Coatings that benefit from LPA additives

Different coatings have different curing mechanisms, solubility, and compatibility with LPAs. You should always check the manufacturer’s specifications and test the coating performance before applying it to your project.

Durable steel coatings with LPA additive

In general there are guidelines for coatings compatibility, such as avoiding mixing coatings with different solvents, resins, or curing agents. Allthough with PVac it might be necessary to use co-solvents. It also suggests some methods to test the compatibility of coatings, such as applying a thin coat of the second coating over the first one and observing the drying time, gloss, adhesion, and appearance.

Volvents can also influence the compatibility of various components in coatings, such as surfactants, rheology modifiers, dispersants, and wetting agents. It explains how these components affect the stability, performance, and properties of coatings, and how to select the appropriate ones for different formulations.