Is there plastic used for chewing gum?

Chewing gum is typically made from a mixture of synthetic materials, including synthetic rubber, resins, and waxes, which are combined with softeners, sweeteners, and flavors. While some types of chewing gum may contain plasticizers, which are chemicals used to make plastics more flexible, the term “plastic” is not commonly used to describe the ingredients in chewing gum.

That being said, some types of chewing gum may contain a type of synthetic rubber called polyisobutylene, which is also used in the manufacture of inner tubes for tires, as well as in some types of adhesives and sealants. Polyisobutylene has a similar chemical structure to some types of plastics, but it is not typically referred to as a plastic when used in chewing gum.

In summary, while chewing gum may contain synthetic materials that have some similarities to plastics, it is not accurate to describe chewing gum itself as a plastic product.