Interior textiles

VAE polymers for interior products are mainly used in window decoration like:

  • Pleaded blinds
  • Rollo’s
  • Blackouts

Many of the interior applications need to be flame retardant. Another application field is textile upholstery and mattress covers, where halogen free flame retardant back coating and repellent finishes are required.

Other VAE polymer applications

VAE offers many advantages in compability with additives and unique hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties. VAE has LOW VOC and is improving Flame retardancy of many products. VAE polymers can be flexible Tg (-20C) up to hard (Tg +40C). Furthermore VAE can be ter polymers with Chloride or Acrylates. VAE coatings can be breathable, washable and heatsealable.

The main applications in textile area are:

  • Textile & Apparel
    • Upholstery
    • Interlining
    • Blinds/Curtains
  • Industrial
    • Filtration
    • Automotive
    • Reinforcements
  • Hygiene
    • Femal Hygien
    • Medical
    • Adult incontinence
  • Wipes & Towels
    • Wet wipes
    • Table linen
    • Toilet tissue
  • Construction
    • Wallcovering
    • Flooring
coatings for interior textiles - VAE polymer

VAE dispersions are also used in interior and exterior wall coatings, etic systems, waterbased adhesives, and carpet manufacturing. VAE dispersions are also the base for VAE powders, these powders are a critical raw material for plasters, floor levelling compounds and tile-adhesives.