Improve ageing resistance of Styrene/Butadiene emulsion polymers

Styrene butadiene emulsion polymers provide poor aging resistance. Over time, they tend to harden, reducing their strength and binding power. Adhesion to substrates deteriorates. In contrast, VAEs are thermally stable and exhibit excellent aging resistance. Unlike SBR, VAE’s do not harden or loose binding power when aged and are also highly UV stable.

To overcome the limited aging resistance, additives can be used in SBR or a blend or complete VAE formulation can be used.

Other advantages of VAE emulsion polymers

  • Low odour
  • Low VOC
  • Low flammability
    • Chlorine copolymer grades even further increase performance
  • High strenghts, high flexiblity
  • Soluble in water or solvents, depending on the specific VAE grade. Supporting seperation for recycling purposes
  • Reuseable in filled compounds next to A-grade VAE’s, concrete and cementious applications. The recycled content, can improve again the properties (adhesion, flexibility) of the compound.
  • Thermoplasticity, enableing end products, like carpet, to be mechanical recycled.
  • High compability, e.g. with minerals, plastics, and bio-plastics like PBAT and PLA.