Coating for synthetics, fabrics and other materials.

VAE enables various water-based polymer dispersions with unique properties. The diverse VAE portfolio is suitable for water-based coatings for synthetics, fabrics and other materials when emission reduction (LOW VOC) and high quality are both requirements for the end product.


Water-based VAE polymers contains a number of properties to offer NEP- and co-solvent-free binders and coatings. This enables converters ot produce low-VOC or VOC-free products.

unflammable low voc compounds and coatings with VAE polymer

Range of VAE polymers for Synthetics, fabrics, textiles and other materials.

VAE polymers are available in several ranges of hardness, ranging from very soft to very hard with solids levels up to 62%. VAE are even available as self-crosslinkable polymers. VAE is often a cost-effective polymer with high compability with additives and other polymers like acrylics and PU. The compatible additives include a range of crosslinkers, defoamers, hand modifier, levelling agents, rheology modifiers and duller concentrates.

VAE polymers have shown to offer unique solutions solutions for:

  • Foam coating
  • Top coats/finishes
  • Skins & Adhesives
  • Crosslinkers
  • Pigments
  • Fire retardant additives and compounds