Biocide free dispersion polymer

VAE polymers can support biocide free solutions for coatings (interior wall coatings), other binder and adhesive applications.

Dry VAE polymer powders are already blended with cementious adhesives in dry form, and therefor can be sold “ready to blend” with water. By this procedure, many construction adhesives and coatings. like plasters, tile adhesives and self levelling compounds are produced.

Dry powders can also be used in compounding factories, to make a ready to use product. By means of special consumer friendly biocides, or a “fresh biocide free paint” from the paint shop.

Furthermore, there are some limited grades that support High PH formulations, supporting long shelf life, biocide free solutions.

VAE dispersions are suitable as binders for pigments. These ready to use VAE dispersion based coatings are emulsions or dispersions with polymer chains in water.

Reducing Titanium dioxide (TiO2)

VAE technology can help to reduce the amount of TiO2 in formulated paints, because VAE increased hiding power.

VAE is available in several particle diameters. VAE in general supports solvent and plasticizer free dispersions for interior and exterior applications. VAE dispersion is milky-white, enables thin coatings and dries relatively quickly to a flexible, non-sticky film with good adhesion, transparency and matt VAE is available for low pigmented and high pigmented formulations.